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Frequently Asked Questions

I have received a DVD - I cannot use the files on the DVD! What shall I do?

The DVD contents all drawings of Autoview in all file formats. You can only use "autobilder" from the DVD, those are not compressed (jpg-pictures don't get smaller by zipping)  You have to start the installation routine by clicking autoexec.exe! First window offers 4 different languages, followed by the terms and conditions. After you have agreed and typed in the CD-key, you have to choose the desired file format(s) and then the harddisc-path. If you do not have an AUTOVIEW-directory already, generate one before choosing the path in the installation routine. You can install the drawings in any existing directory, e.g PC-Crash\drawings.

I use DesignCAD. How can I change the colour of a drawing?

That is the fastest way to do it:

1. mark the vehicle

2. right mouse button > structurinfo, check "use layer colour"

3. uncheck the box : use original colour and OK

then you can change the colour the usual way with the symbols of the toolboxes.

(Thanks to Oliver Tümmers as instructor!)

3. if box does not show "use original colour" , then STRG A for marking, Q for staring options, choose Layers.

4. go for layer08 and click in the colour column, in the upcoming window choose the desired colour, button "add" and OK

should have worked....

How can I release the dongle blocking of AUTOVIEW drawings in PC-Crash?

It is not possible! AUTOVIEW works excellently with PC-Crash, but is not integral part of this simulation software. The 2D-dxf, which show up in the installation-directory of PC-Crash, are an option when buying the simulation program and come from the collection of dxf-drawings of Jürgen BURG. This collection is by far less complete and numerous than AUTOVIEW. The accuracy is not sufficient for compatibility checks.

How can I load an AUTOVIEW-drawing for Simulation in PC-Crash?

First you have to load the desired vehicle from the vehicle-database of PC-Crash or fill in the data manually in a .DAT file. As an example I take Alfa Romeo BRERA 2011. Then click „Vehicle“ in menue, „Vehicle-DXF“ in the pull-down menue. A window Vehicle DXF opens. Choose the desired vehicle and go for „File“. Choose „Plan View“ and „load DXF“. A new window named „Select DXF Carname“ opens. Go for the bottom line and check out the hook in „Adapt“. In the file part search for AUTOVIEW/DXF/CAR/ALFA and run through the various models, till you hit BRERA-2007. Click on that file and you can see a picture of that model in the preview window. Go for „Open“, the file shows up in the Vehicle DXF window. there you can adjust colour, presentation time and more. OK brings the drawing to the simulation sketch. Enlarge the vehicle to full screen. Check, if the center of mass (Autoview: circle with a X inside) fits to the point zero of the vehicle location (PC-Crash: circle). If not, go for „Vehicle Settings“ and change the „Distance of C.G. from front axle“ to the appropriate value (1.11 m). Center of mass of AUTOVIEW-drawings is calculated individually for each vehicle and valid for empty car/driver/driver and co-driver and diesel engine.

How can I load an AUTOVIEW-Drawing for Simulation in AnalyzerPro?

Manual: In the vehicle data you can select a DXF under "2D Model". To scale the DXF, click on "DXF Scaling". To adjust the outer contour to the DXF click on "Contour adjustment".

Automatic: Starting with AnalyzerPro 19, DXF can be loaded automatically into the vehicle database. Simply enter the path to the Autoview database in the vehicle database under "DXF path". Vehicles with existing DXF are highlighted in green.

How do I check the height of bumpers of my car with those in the drawing? (load, short springs)

If you have a foto of the side of the vehicle, that shows wheels and the lower part of the door(s), draw a line along the lower edge of the door. Watch, where that line cuts the plane of the wheels at the axels. As the outside of the wheels and doors typically share the same plane, the perspective of the foto can be neglected. Adjust the height of wheels in the drawing to the same position and the height of the bumpers should fit properly.

Car-drawing shows no wheels. What shall I do?

  1. If the top view of the drawing points to the right, You chose the model for simulation out of the order DXF. Go for the correct view to DXF-CAD/TOP.
  2. If the top view of the drawing points to the left or you have a side view, so layers and blocks are not shown the correct way. (wheels, doors are special layers/blocks). Check the settings of your software, if all layers are visible, btw. if the settings in the opening of the file include all layers and blocks.

Why AUTOVIEW and not another drawing-database?

AUTOVIEW-drawings have a number of special features and target for an accuracy of less than 2 cm to real vehicle. It is one of the most complete database, concerning the European car market. It is updated each year and offers free online-service for long term clients. 

Other suppliers of vector graphics of vehicles have often VERY perspective views in their databases - drawings miss reality by more than 5 cm!

How do I get a drawing, that is not found in the database?

  1. AUTOVIEW-drawings are produced all year long, maybe the desired model is done by now. Check the site for new/repaired drawings or write an email to
  2. Is that missing drawing in the database an exotic model or a special vehicle, you can help us to produce that drawing by making fotos in a special way. Please, read the question „How to take pictures of a vehicle, that serve as a template for a drawing?“ Send the fotos to

How to take pictures of a vehicle, that serve as a template for a drawing?

Please see the manual