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Autoview Car Drawings

Here you can search the database for a desired drawing (use English expressions).

Please select your search criteria. We currently have more than 9830 drawings available.

Information on our current full version AV20

This most complete update adds 155 new vehicles respectively 606 new single view drawings.

For a full list of available models please download this PDF document .

Feel free to take a look at the list of new drawings in AV20.

What else is new?
For easier handling of our drawings in CAD-programs, the drawing database has been revised regarding to block naming scheme.
Each drawing has now unique block names, so that CAD-programs cannot be confused with same block names from different drawings anymore.
(This applies to the folders  \DXF-CAD\, \DXF-ALL\, \DWG\, \DWG-ALL\  und \SKF-ALL\)

Demo files

We provide free demo drawings for you. Please download this file.